About me

Quite some time ago I fell in love with the clunk of a Pentax and the smell of developer, back in the days of only film.

I am now a commercial photographer working with chefs, primary producers, makers and individuals to show the story behind what they do. I undertake personal projects informed by the techniques of my commercial work and expand to deeper storytelling.

I like to leave room to dream.

There’s an alchemy of technical decisions inspiring an emotional response.

Cameras are a time machine to future lost worlds. 

Putting writing and photography together, I’ve published in local street press, national print magazines and online journals. Recently my work has appeared in Uppercase publication ‘Botanica’ and UK publication Book Towns by Alex Johnson. 

This nice little business provides editorial, event and commercial photography to a range of clients including state government departments, tourism bodies, local councils, small businesses and individuals.

You can see some examples of my work out in the world here.

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