custom stock photography

These packages are for a folio of images for use on your website, newsletters, social media channels, brochures, magazine/blog features, postcards... pretty much anything you'd like to use them for. 

What is included can be tailored according to what you want to show. Interiors, exteriors, detail shots, you in the studio/workplace doing what you do, your restaurant in full service, you and your business partner holding a workshop, headshots. 

I can discuss your needs and what I can fit into the timeframe. I will spend time getting to know you, and we can chat about what it is you'd like to say in the photos. Who is your ideal client? What clothes, objects, surroundings, colours, plants are you and your business all about?


Because in your business you want to show ... you. In the absence of a bricks and mortar residence people now come to get to know you online. People connect with people, and they want to get to know you - it's the ol' 'know, like and trust' factor. 

Also, you and your business is made up of your particularities. For example, La Bonta wanted to show their warm hospitality, passion for Italian food, and connection to the local community, local ingredients. We talked about this, and we featured this in the photos

Some examples of how my work has been used on websites can be seen here.