Big days, in between days, and the magic in the every day.

You might be leaving a house after living in it for 40 years. It might be Uncle Bob's 70th birthday. You might be holding an event for your clients and want to show them off on social media. I love photographing events and all the details that make up the day. 

I take both business and personal event photos.

Something I've noticed while hosting an event is that I never get time to take more than maybe 3 photographs, even at my own children's parties. That is because  - well you know why. Where are the glasses, something over here is spilt, where's the pirate, who's whatshisname and his partner and hang on they look like they don't know anybody... 

So here's the deal. I take natural, as it happens photojournalist style event images, with little to no posing, preferring to capture things as they happen. I have an eye and wonder for details, then the whole scene, then who's wearing a fabulous hat, and how incredible is that cake. I am also a photography ninja, preferring to be as unobtrusive as possible. I use natural light where possible, and have a camera and lenses that do amazing things in low light. However where needed, I have the lighting technology. We can talk about that. 

Photos extend the experience - where the memories might typically filter down into the silt pool of time, anything photographed is held there, aloft, and you get to keep a hold of it. Isn't that a nice thought? 

The kinds of events I've photographed include: okay yes, weddings, small 40th garden parties, fundraising events, small business Christmas parties.