Feeling and looking healthy

-       It’s a good idea to get a good nights’ rest, and drink lots of water and not too much alcohol the day before.

-       Stay out of the sun for a few days before the shoot. I can digitally remove a pimple here or there in post, but hiding ‘sunglass eyes’ or ‘goggle eyes’ is very difficult to do.

-       Check your teeth just before you start and make sure they’re clean and shiny. (Don’t worry too much about whiteness: we can make subtle improvements to that later.)



-       Wear clothes that are appropriate to your industry/the audience you’re wanting to reach, e.g. what would you wear to work, or to meet a client?

-       Make sure the clothes you are wearing are clean and ironed, as are any changes of clothes.

-       Bring a small range of options. Our basic package includes one change of outfit, but it can be handy to bring more than one so we can discuss the options and make a decision on the day.

-       Bring layers. Choose simple shirts that you are comfortable in on their own, plus a couple of complementary jackets/matching suit coat.

-       Bring accessories in, keeping with what you would usually wear to work.

-       Simple, solid colours work well. Patterns can add interest, but make sure they are simple, and that you have other options if needed. High contrast patterns and fine stripes can cause some odd effects under lights. Avoid distracting elements like logos, text, etc.

-       Above all, make sure you love what you’re wearing and that it is consistent with who you are and the image you want to convey!

-       As these images are headshots, I won’t be showing your feet, so don’t worry too much about your choice of footwear.


-       If you tend to have your hair close-cropped, it can be a good idea to get it cut a week or so before the shoot. It will have grown back to a more natural appearance by the time we work together.

-       If clean shaven is the look you want to achieve, shave right before you leave to come to the shoot. Otherwise try to trim your beard and/or head to your ‘ideal’ length.

-       Check for unwanted or misbehaving facial, nose, eyebrow and ear hair and trim as necessary before the shoot.