Feeling and looking healthy

-       The day before your shoot. Whether or not you’re into clean, healthy living it’s a good idea to be virtuous before your shoot. The recipe is simple: the day before drink lots of water, not too much alcohol and get a good night’s rest.

-       A few days before. Stay out of the sun. I can digitally remove a pimple or scratch later but hiding ‘sunglasses eyes’ is very difficult to do.

-       Just before your shoot. Check your teeth to make sure they’re clean and shiny, no stray bits of seaweed or steak stuck between your teeth. 


-       Wear clothes that are appropriate to your industry and the audience you’re wanting to reach. Think: what you wear to work or to meet a client.

-       Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, as are any other changes of clothes.

-       Bring a small range of options to change into. It can be handy to bring more than one so we can discuss the best option on the day.

-       Bring layers. Choose simple, comfortable shirts/blouses plus a couple of complementary jackets/matching suit coat. (Blouses should be sleeved, even if short-sleeved/capped.)

-       Any accessories, such as scarves, hats or jewellery should be in keeping with what you usually wear to work.

-       Solid colours work well. Please avoid too much white as it can be hard to retain detail in the images in some light. Patterns can add interest, but make sure they are simple. Have other options, if needed. High contrast patterns and fine stripes can cause some odd effects under lights. Avoid distracting elements like logos, text, etc.

-       Above all, make sure you love what you’re wearing and that it is consistent with who you are and the image you want to convey!



-       Bring a brush and any product that you would typically use for any fly-aways.

-       You might consider going to a hair stylist the morning of the shoot if you really want to look fabulous!


-      Once again, it can be a good idea to outsource this to a makeup artist. I have people I like to work with who I can recommend.

- Makeup should be simple and well done – the aim is to look like you on a good day! 

-       We want the viewer to focus on your eyes in particular, so make sure your eyes look their best.

-       Sometimes we have issues with shine off bare skin, particularly on the forehead, so consider bringing some translucent powder - but not too heavy! Too much foundation and powder can flatten out your features.

-       Bring your makeup along in case you need to apply a bit of touch up during the shoot.

-       Bring lip balm/gloss.

-       Don’t undertake any extreme beauty regimes just before the shoot!

-       Don’t be too worried if you have a last minute breakout, we can easily Photoshop that.