KATHRYN WARD - family photography

Kathryn left this review on my Facebook page…

I took some candid photos of her and her boys one fine day. As you can see she has the most amazing sense of theatre!

Alina has a fine eye - she observes and records with warmth and honesty, transporting the ordinary into the extraordinary and iconic, with no loss of heart.

There is a brilliance in her images that sets her work apart - she makes magic.


Polygon landscape architecture studio - tailored stock photography

You heard the man - they loved them all! This was the all-caps message I received when I sent Elliot the photo gallery for Polygon landscape architecture studios.

For this package we did the 'whole shooty McStuff', aka creative portraits and tailored stock images for use across their website and social media. This included headshots, natural portraits, details, interiors and team shots. 

Oh that studio has some lovely light. 

The brief included making Elliot look like Sven the Architect from How I Met Your Mother. I sink we achieved that, no?

You can see some examples of the images here.

They were totally serious for the entire shoot, I assure you. And the team "meeting" shots? They were not just saying "plans plans plans plans plans plans plans". At all. 

Melissa Sweeney and Clare Greig for SoundPlay workshops - tailored stock photography

I loved taking photos of these ladies - we climbed Camel's Hump inside an enchanted forest, while they played the flute, sound bowls, and sang. Every shoot should be as lovely as that one

Well, except for that leech on the flute case. 


tom stamp - blue curve - portraits and tailored stock photography

I created a suite of tailored stock images and headshots for Tom and Karyn Stamp’s Blue Curve website. As you can see a few jokes were had during the shooting of headshots… as is often the case I have to admit. Here’s what Tom had to say about the portrait session.

I’d been meaning to get some professional promotional self portraits shots done for my business for some time, but was unsure of what to expect, and not that comfortable in front of a camera.

Alina made the whole process easy – we met at a café to discuss what I wanted, and it quickly became apparent that she was very easy to work with, making helpful suggestions. She had already scouted out several possible locations and we went from there. She made me feel at ease in front of the camera and pretty quickly she was applying her craft – she is professional, courteous and a really great photographer too!

At the end of the process I have photos that were way better than I had hoped for, and I am more than happy to recommend Alina to anyone requiring professional quality portraits or other photographic work.

Her competence and sense of humour made the whole process work smoothly from end to end, with a great result!

puffafish and new leaves bookshop - headshots and tailored stock photography

I did a range of things for Kristi and Woody. Interiors, exteriors, and relaxed portraits for New Leaves Bookshop in Woodend. Headshots for their graphic design and communications company Puffafish, as well as corporate headshots for Kristi's career as a journalist. 

This was a lot of fun - but then, I would say that, wouldn't I? 

What did they have to say? At the end of the portrait shoot, Kristi said to me as we strode down High Street: "Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, and it was almost fun." And I thought, "and that is almost a testimonial". 

So here it is!