FAMILY portrait sessions

Magic in the everyday.

It’s ephemeral, your world. Freeze it in time, honour it, print it, have some words around it.

Don’t just keep it on file. You know - hard drive fail.

Portraits with your surroundings. The landscape, the stuff on the table. Your kids on their first day, the first day in your new house. Just any old day in the middle of your life. Why not?

Photos don’t need to just be for birthdays and weddings and things… taking the time, and stepping back for a moment, can help you take it in. Every moment has endless perspectives and possibilities. They get filtered down into the silt pool of memory. Then one day you have a photo and words around it and… you have some of it.


my part

I come in for around an hour, find the light, and photograph your life as you are. It could be at your house, business, workshop - whatever you’d like to show. I will offer gentle guidance rather than posing. For families - I won’t put you in matching outfits or create an image that belongs in :)

Think of this as a documentary session that celebrates where you are at right now.

These sessions start at $550.


Cheers to you, Damien Lovelock. Have a listen to this track while browsing… I thought it was apt and lovely.